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PP Staple Fiber

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PP Staple Fiber



PP staple fiber 15DX68mm black color spinning grade

Denier count: 2.0D-50D

Cut length: 4mm-128mm 


- It is produced by direct spinning with polymer as the raw material.

-High tenacity, few defect, good crimping performance, moderate OPU, low hot air shrinkage, good spin ability, soft and smooth hand feeling, high standards of fiber resultant yarn quality, low yarn irregularity and wide applications

- With high modulus and tenacity, low elongation, bright color and good spinnability


Main usage: for spinning, non-woven, spunlace, sewing thread, carpet thread, etc.


Fiber Item:

Polypropylene staple fiber for nowoven fabrics

Raw Material : Polypropylene

THICKNESS(DTEX)                                       15(±10%) 
LENGTH(MM)                                                68(±10%) 
TENACITY(CN/DTEX)                                        ≥3.0
ELONGATION(%)                                           120±20
CRIMP(WAVES/25MM)                                      7-10
OIL CONTENT(%)                                         0.40-0.60
RESISTIVITY(Ω.CM)                                       ≤K×10^7 
MELTING POINT(℃)                                       164-170 
LONGER-FIBER CONTENT(MG/100G)              ≤50
DEFECT CONTENT(MG/100G)                          ≤50 
DENSITY(G/CM3)                                               0.91 

 Packing &Loading Quantity: 

270-330kgs/jumbo bag,9mts per 20'GP,20mts per 40'HQ

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