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Polyamide Curing Agent

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Polyamide Curing Agent



Low Molecular Weight Polyamide Curing Agent is yellowish transparent liquid. As the most excellent epoxy resin curing agents and toughening agents, its small toxicity, small volatile, and wide proportion with epoxy resin, easy to operate, room temperature curing, strong cohesive force, good toughness are obviously superior to the other general monomer amine curing agent.


Used with epoxy resin, this curing agent is widely used for bonding a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials of adhesive (such as steel, aluminum Materials, ceramics, glass, plastic, etc.). It is also used to produce epoxy polyamide anti-corrosion coating, hand lay-up FRP, pouring appliances, seal electronic components, as well as for epoxy flooring.

After mixing with epoxy resin it can be used. According to different requirements, you can add moderate filling agent (porcelain powder, iron powder, aluminum powder, etc.) into the mixed resin.  Pigment and thinner (such as alcohols, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbon, etc.) also can be added. When it is used for bonding materials, in room temperature it is better to curing 2 ~ 3 days, if heating, can shorten the curing time.



 Packing &Loading Quantity: 

Net weight 25kg or 200kg per drum. 20mts/FCL

Shelf life is one year.Seal the drums and put it in a cool and ventilated place. It is non-dangerous goods, normal transhipment. Please use it up soon once opening. If contact with the air for a long time after opening, the product can absorb moisture and carbon dioxide, which may lead to increased viscosity and weight. 

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