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Market situation of chemical fibers

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Crude oil: The crude oil market continued to be strongly volatile under the influence of geopolitics this week, with the main contract price of WTI in the range of $81- $83 / BBL and the main contract price of Brent in the range of $85- $87 / BBL. It is expected to maintain strong resistance in the later stage.

Polyester: This week by the geopolitical impact, energy products prices are still strong, PX strong resistance, while this week two sets of PTA new devices slightly delayed production time, and individual large devices unexpectedly cut production, PTA whether in the cost support or its own supply support are followed by strong resistance, the center of gravity increased slightly; MEG weak narrow oscillations this week, polyester production and sales in the week phased volume. In the short term, we should still pay attention to the pressure of the filament stock currently at a high level, and for the time being, we still look at the polyester shock.

Nylon: This week, the market trend of nylon is weak, nylon enterprises start normal, and downstream weaving enterprises purchase a small follow-up. Nylon is expected to remain weak.

Spandex: The market trend of spandex is weak, the industry has a small profit on capital protection, and there are a small number of low-price sales. Terminal textile fields to follow up normal, circular machine, weaving, warp knitting enterprise procurement is general, the future market is expected to spandex flat.

Viscose fiber: The viscose staple fiber market is adjusting. Although the raw material dissolved pulp performance is strong, but the downstream cotton yarn sales are poor, the cotton factory is not confident in the future market, the procurement enthusiasm is relatively low, and the wait-and-see mentality is strong, so some viscose staple fiber factories have a small price to seek orders. The overall market is mainly adjusted slightly, focusing on the downstream human cotton yarn market.
Acrylic fiber: raw material acrylonitrile prices rose, acrylic fiber factory to maintain a stable offer, but the demand performance is weak, the downstream cotton mill opening probability is not high. Next week the acrylic market is expected to remain stable.
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