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The Chinese table tennis team won the men's and women's singles championship

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Yesterday, the WTT Incheon Championship came to a close at the Yingshi Park Sports Center. In the women's singles final, Sun Yingsha swept her teammate Wang Manyu 4-0 and successfully won the championship. In the men's singles final, Liang Jingkun withstood the challenge of Brazilian superstar Hugo Calderano and won the men's singles championship.

Sun Yingsha won the championship in four consecutive innings

In the women's singles final that started first, Sun Yingsha firmly grasped the situation; Wang Manyu kept trying to attack, but did not achieve much success in defending against Sun Yingsha. In the end, Sun Yingsha won the championship in four consecutive games with a score of 11-7, 11-5, 11-4, and 11-4.

After the game, Sun Yingsha said that as she and Wang Manyu are doubles partners and know each other very well, she made sufficient psychological preparations before the game and also did a good job in controlling the rhythm during the game. I will give my all in the next few races and hope to stand on the Paris Olympics track.

Through this competition, Sun Yingsha earned 1000 world ranking points, while Wang Manyu won the runner up and also earned 700 points. After entering the finals, Wang Manyu had already surpassed Chen Meng in the Paris Olympics selection points and came in second place. If she achieves good results again in the Macau World Cup and the Saudi Grand Slam, she will be getting closer to qualifying for the Olympic singles.

According to the competition plan, the main players of the Chinese team will participate in the Macau International Table Tennis Federation World Cup held from April 15th to 21st. The World Cup has expanded the number of participants and will consist of two stages: round robin and knockout rounds.

Liang Jingkun showcases his forward and backhand abilities.

The Chinese table tennis team has produced many talents, and among this strong team with numerous world champions and Olympic gold medalists, Liang Jingkun stands out. He belongs to the right hand horizontal board arc combined with fast attack playing method. He started learning table tennis at the age of 5 and joined the Hebei Provincial Team in 2007, the national second team in 2012, and the national first team in 2014. With outstanding talent and perseverance, Liang Jingkun has demonstrated impressive strength on the table tennis field, becoming the focus of attention.

During his time in the national team, Liang Jingkun was unanimously recognized by the coaching staff for his outstanding performance and played the role of a "giant killer" multiple times. In the 2014 "Direct to Tokyo" selection competition, he successively defeated Grand Slam winner Zhang Jike and world number one Ma Long; In the 2015 "Direct to Suzhou" selection competition, he once again defeated Zhang Jike. That year, Liang Jingkun boarded the last bus of the World Table Tennis Championships singles competition by pressing the whistle. In the 2019 Budapest World Table Tennis Championships, Liang Jingkun finally entered the main ranks of the national table tennis team, winning two bronze medals in men's singles and men's doubles; In the World Cup team competition, he once again withstood a huge test and completed the task, also securing his position as the top five tiger in the men's team.

Liang Jingkun went to the Tokyo Olympics as a trainer and could only watch his teammates come on stage, while he sat on the sidelines cheering. In this regard, he admitted that feeling the brutality of the Olympics at a recent distance and watching his teammates endure pressure on the field can indeed make some changes and progress for himself after returning. "In the past, playing football relied more on brute force, but now there may be more cleverness and a slight improvement in overall ability," said Liang Jingkun.

This season, Liang Jingkun's performance is still impressive. In the previous WTT Singapore Grand Slam, although he failed to win the championship, he performed well in men's singles. Faced with strong opponents in the table tennis world such as Japanese player Zhang Benzhi and German player Boer, he successfully defended his own half and advanced to the final with great fanfare, where he met his teammates. After this competition, Liang Jingkun successfully rose to the third place in the world ranking with his outstanding performance.

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