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Application of VINYL CHLORIDE RESIN in coatings

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Vinyl Chloride-isobutyl Vinyl Ether Copolymer Resin, non-toxic white fine powder. It is polymerized by vinyl chloride monomer, isobutyl vinyl ether monomer and other raw materials. 

The products can be divided into CMP-15, CMP-25, CMP-35, CMP-45, CMP60 five Among them, CMP-25 is mainly used in the field of anti-corrosion coatings, and CMP-45 is mainly used in the field of composite ink.

Why are Vinyl chloride resins used in anticorrosive coatings?
Compared with ordinary coating connectors:
1. The process is more environmentally friendly. Polymerization in the aqueous phase, without the use of solvents such as CCl4, the product is non-toxic.
2. Better performance. The individual performance of the base, middle and top paint and the matching coating are excellent anti-corrosion properties. 
3. The price is more affordable. The same anticorrosive coating is made, the comprehensive cost per ton is more advantageous.

Why are Vinyl chloride resins used in composite inks?
Compared with ordinary ink connectors:
1. The solubility was good. It has good solubility in many solvents, including more environmentally friendly ester solvents.
2. Compatibility is better. It is easy to blend with other resins, such as chlorinated polypropylene, CEVA, Acrylic resin, etc.
3. The color is fuller. Make the pigment fully wet, disperse, so that the ink color more full.
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